Sunday, March 7, 2010

I love OATS

Its common knowledge for those who want to shed a few pounds should consider eating oatmeal for at least one meal a day. Oatmeal's fiber content is very high, making you feel "full" for a longer period than usual. It also has a multitude of health benefits which makes it a no-guilt meal.

Unfortunately for some, they can't bear the taste of oatmeal. For them, its not satisying and they feel kind of sad to eat such a bland meal.

Fortunate for me because i happen to looove oats :) I'd be glad to make it my dinner. I love its texture, its taste, and the fact that it makes me less hungry through the night. Its cheap and its easy to prepare. Oatmeal is my perfect meal during lazy days or lazy nights.

With some milk and sugar, I just pour hot water over my oats and voila! dinner is served :)

You can also mix it with fruits, raisins, nuts of your choice, and even chocolate! (like champorado). You could also mix any flavor of your choice to make it more yummy. But for me, a simple oatmeal is my perfect choice.

Instead of popping other instant foods, why not choose the healthiest intsant meal available? Its easy, its nutritious, and most of all, it helps you shape your body!

Oats are definitely on my top foods list.


  1. hmmmm...that chocolate idea is something that has not crossed my mind until I read your post! must try!
    I do love the oatmeal-maple brown sugar, with additional berries. It does (ahem!) help regulate my bowels. Haha!

  2. hahaha! good for you. guilt free right!? you should try the champorado version :) i will try your version too.. though berries are not staple here in dvo. will add berry-like fruits instead :)